“And He Rested” – Should Christians Keep the Sabbath? – Jim Staley

by on October 31, 2012

An In-depth Look at the Biblical Sabbath In a culture where businesses are open 24 hours a day, fast food is a regular diet and most families have both spouses working around the clock just to make ends meet, a day of rest is not even on the radar for most Christian households. With the Sabbath being number four in the ten commandments, it is more than important for us to finally answer some of the most imperative questions of our time: Does God really care when we keep the Sabbath or how? Was the Sabbath really changed? Did the early believers keep the Sabbath on the 7th day? Does scripture really say that everyone will be keeping the Sabbath in the millennium? These question and more are answered in what some say is the most comprehensive teaching on the Sabbath you can find!