End of Days – Part 5 – Blow the Trumpet – 119 Ministries

by on October 25, 2012

Many have found our Daniel Unsealed teaching to be one of the most eye opening teachings they have found when it comes to Bible prophecy.  Blow the Trumpet takes off where Daniel Unsealed left off.  Like Daniel Unsealed, this could be one of our most important or least important teachings we’ve ever done.  Only time will tell.  The whole premise of Blow the Trumpet is to show and warn of events that could quite possibly take place in the very near future.  As time approaches near for the revealing of the Antichrist, we can only expect circumstances to grow worse in the world.  Blow the Trumpet sounds the alarm of the warnings that may have been overlooked, yet are right before our eyes. Watching Daniel Unsealed is a prerequisite for this teaching.