Does Grace Replace The Law? – Paul Nison

by on November 05, 2012

Today I answer questions people asked me about the commandments and if we should still follow them today.



3 comments on “Does Grace Replace The Law? – Paul Nison

  1. Jessica on said:

    Ok, I hear what you are saying. I agree that the Ten Commandments still stand. And, Christ Himself told us in scripture that if we love Him we will keep the Father’s commandments.

    However, outside of the Ten Commandments, I do not believe Christians are held to such things as dietary restrictions. But, although everything is permissible, not everything is profitable. That being said, freedom is not a pass to do whatever we want. But, scripture says it’s not what goes into a man’s body that makes him unclean, but what is in his heart.

    What other guidelines besides the Ten Commandments are you suggesting we follow as Christians?

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