Is Yom Kippur A Day of Fasting? – 119 Ministries

by on March 17, 2014

It is often understood that Yom Kippur, also known as the Day of Atonement is considered a day of fasting. But is this simply tradition or a commandment?

3 comments on “Is Yom Kippur A Day of Fasting? – 119 Ministries

  1. Daniel on said:

    I love 119, but doesn’t the whole phase “afflict your soul” in Hebrew an idiom for fasting or self denial? You should debt yourself things like food and water among other things on Yom Kippur, this word study only focuses on one word and not the entire phrase.

  2. Steve Nickell on said:

    Interesting lesson, but I have to side with the rabbis in this instance. By the definitions presented in this teaching, every day is Yom Kippur; a day to humble yourself before YHWH, a day to make sure you are obedient.
    As you pointed out, fasting IS a form of affliction, and not one we engage in regularly. It is highly appropriate on Yom Kippur that we go the extra mile in anah. It is something we do to acknowledge the holiness and solemnity of the occasion, refusing food in our determination to seek our Father. And completely appropriate and acceptable regardless whether it originated with rabbis or is what Torah intended.

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