The “Sons of God” and the Nephilim – Jim Staley

by on November 02, 2012

What the Bible Says About Angels, Demons, Giants and Aliens This teaching is a very in depth teaching out of Genesis 6 that deals with the term “sons of God”. Jim goes to great length using the scriptures, the writings of Josephus and extra-biblical books of antiquity to reveal exactly who the “sons of God” are, who the “Nephilim” are, and how it all relates to the End of Days. This teaching pulls together and shows a connection between Greek mythology, the La Azazel goat of Yom Kippur, fallen angels, roaming evil spirits and aliens. Not only is this teaching “on the edge of your seat” fascinating, it is very scripturally based and riddled with historical facts as well. Check out the marketplace at to order the high quality DVD soon!