Understanding Romans – Part 2 – Jim Staley

by on November 01, 2012

Chapter 5:8-11:17 Jim continues his verse by verse study on the Book of Romans. Brand New from God’s Learning Channel This is THE foundational book in the New Testament to truly understanding the rest of Paul’s writings. If you misunderstand what he is saying here, you will misunderstand EVERYTHING he says in Galatians and elsewhere. This teaching is a very in-depth, verse by verse teaching on the book of Romans from the original Hebraic perspective it was written in. Thousands worldwide have said that this teaching is the best teaching on Romans that they have ever heard on the book of Romans. Countless pastors and laymen alike use this study as a Hebraic commentary on understanding Romans. This is the audio track of the DVD. If you would like the full DVD version, please support us by ordering from the marketplace at www.passionfortruth.com or calling 888-900-BIBLE.