Marriage God’s Way Pt. 1 – Arthur Bailey

by on April 05, 2013

In this ever changing society we live in along with the evolution of modern Christianity, how marriage is viewed from person to person is quite different. Churches, Synagogues, Messianic Communities and individuals have created their own templates for reciting vows invoking God in their marriage unaware they are making a Biblical Covenant in the sight of The Almighty. Biblical Covenants are so misunderstood in our modern day world therefore, marriage and divorce has become commonplace.

How does God view marriage?
What does the Bible teach about marriage?
What role do a man and woman have in a marriage?
If your marriage is in trouble, what can you and your spouse do to fix it?
What should individuals do prior to prior to getting married to ensure a healthy marriage?
These and many other questions will be answered in this
NEW Teaching Series