Mayim Chaim – Zemer Levav

by on November 28, 2012

This video is kind of special. It was our first opportunity to play on the “Big Stage” at the yearly “Messiah Conference”. We were asked to play only two weeks before the conference. They asked for this song because the theme of the conference was “Mayim Chaim-Streams of Living Water”. We didn’t even have the track yet! We asked our producer to email it as an mp3 file so that we could rehearse it, and he would bring the full track to us at the onference.

We had to learn the track version of the song (we’d been doing it slightly differently) and I had to choreograph the dance and teach it to the girls. Then we had to rehearse it enough to be at least somewhat comfortable with it, all in two weeks!

Needless to say we did it! Praise God for His grace. I hope you enjoy it!