Nitzavim/Veyelech – Bill Cloud

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by on August 25, 2013

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Shalom! This is our audio commentary on the portion nitzavim – “standing.” As Moses’ life draws to a close, he reminds the people to beware of the idolatry they will encounter in the Land. This sidrah emphasizes the ramifications of having a “root of gall and wormwood” both to the individual and the nation. One verse in this portion also addresses the concept of things “concealed” and things “revealed” and how it relates to the redemption. Much more. (Approximately 60 minutes)

Shalom. This is our audio commentary on the portion Vay’yelech – “and he went.” On the last day of his life, Moses went through the camp to encourage the people that the Creator would continue to guide them even though he, Moses, would no longer be with them. Yet, he also warned them that, in the future, their disobedience would cause God to “hide” His face from them and it wouldn’t be until the end of days that their descendants would turn back to God with their whole heart. There is much to be considered in this portion. (Approximately 30 minutes).