Matot/Masei – Rico Cortes

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by on July 05, 2013


Have you ever heard of Liminal Phases? Have you ever wonder why the number 7 is so important in the bible? Did you know that the Ancient Rites of passages are still practice today in our culture? Did you know, why soldiers, lepers, nazarites, woman that gave birth, Israel, the priesthood and the new believer, new born babies must go through a Rite of Passage. Did you know that the 7th thousand year reign of Messiah is actually a Transition phase to the reintegration of the Kingdom to meet the Presence of our heavenly Father?

These questions will be addressed in this teaching. These principals that are part of Scriptures but we never really made the connections until quite recently and once we do understand and Identify them, the Bible and Prophesy will open to a greater clarity. Praise be YHVH for His wisdom and for allowing us to see these things and be revealed  to us via the work of our Messiah Yeshua my master.