“Pre-Tribulation Rapture” from Shabbat Night Live – Michael Rood

by on November 04, 2012

Live Shabbat Night Live Webcast (Friday June 24, 2011) TOPIC: Why it is absolutely, positively, without a shadow of a doubt impossible for there to be a pre-tribulation rapture. The promise of a pre-tribulation rapture has become a cornerstone of modern Christian churches, but it has no foundation in the Scriptures! How have so many millions been deceived? They clearly are not familiar with the words of their Elohim! Join Michael Rood and his special guests for a teaching of apocalyptic proportions on this Shabbat Night Live, recorded Friday, June 24, 2011. No one explains as well as Michael why the “pre-tribulation rapture” hoax is the biggest deception fooling believers today!

Michael’s Rapture Teaching Begins: 59:52