Rico Cortes Explains The Tabernacle – Paul Nison

by on February 12, 2013

Bible and Torah teacher Rico Cortes explains the Temple and the Tabernacle. In this video he is interviewed by Paul Nison.

Rico’s site is: http://www.wisdomintorah.com


One comment on “Rico Cortes Explains The Tabernacle – Paul Nison

  1. Bonnie Hyden on said:

    A study on covenants of those ancient times can be found at http://www.setapartpeople.com. This teaching very aptly takes you through the types of covenants and how they are present in Scripture. It has several parts and is well worth the study! Put together with Rico Cortes’ lessons on the Tabernacle, which I just finished yesterday…it connects so many dots and taught me so very much! I must say here that the largest impression I took away from Rico Cortes’ Temple videos is that there was a level of reverence, seriousness and absolute single-minded service in the levitical work in the Temple…it’s something we have lost in this time. I think if churches I see today…and it almost frightens me at thinking of how people THINK they are walking into the Presence of The Most High…and they have ab-so-lutely NO clue about reverence! And even myself…I’m going to be watching myself from now on in how I walk into, behave, speak serve in the place called Yah’s House!

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