The Error of Dispensationalism – 119 Ministries

by on November 01, 2012

Viewing scripture through the indoctrinated lens of dispensationalism has become the most common theological framework in mainstream Christianity. In this teaching, we examine dispensationalistic thinking, test it to the word, and allow the audience to generate their own conclusions and begin their own study on the subject matter. We pray that this teaching only blesses and serves the body, allowing His people to see the Word the way our Father intended, and the way our Messiah modeled for us.



3 comments on “The Error of Dispensationalism – 119 Ministries

  1. Monika Neumann on said:

    why make me sign up and log in and then tell me I don’t have permission to watch, that makes no sense at all, especially since you say when your just getting started to, go to the just getting started page. Thanks for nothing, I guess your like all the others, you just want the email address so you can sell it for money, to marketers. Well you got it, are you happy. I’m sure God is not. There are his children out here truly seeking him, and all you wolf’s out there in sheep’s clothing trying to pray on them. God help you.

    • Sal Baldovinos on said:

      Monika – we never make anyone sign up for our website. The videos that we feature come for many sources. As it turns out, 119 Ministries made this private on the Vimeo account. I just updated the video so you can see it now via their YouTube version.

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