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by on October 31, 2012

The modern day church teaches that the Feast of the Lord are done away with by the work on the cross. Is this accurate? The Bible says these feast are to be kept forever throughout your generations? How many Generations has it been since He commanded His feasts to be kept forever?



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  1. I have a question about the use of Forever in the Torah. I’m not trying to be confrontational, it’s a legitimate question. Can we be sure it actually means without end? There are things that are said to be forever that the New Testament says are abolished. For example, the Levitical Priesthood and sacrificial system is identified as eternal in Numbers 25:12,13 see also Exodus 29:9 and 40:15.  Likewise of the Priestly vestments in Exodus 28:29,43.  Regarding Temple vessels we see the basin being commanded forever in Exodus 30:21 the Menorah in Leviticus 24:3 and the trumpets in Numbers 10:8.  The Shewbread is described as eternal in Leviticus 24:8 and scattered indications of eternal sacrifices such as in Leviticus 7:36 (and those sacrifices implicitly included in the festivals). In light of these, how then should we interpret: “forever”?
    Shalom in Yeshua

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