The Great Church Audit – Part 2 – Jim Staley

by on November 20, 2012

What if the citizens of the United States were somehow deceived to believe that the Constitution is no longer relevant in today’s society and needed to be abolished? That somehow the tried and true principles, laws and ordinances once put in place for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness now had no place in our high paced, secular- progressive society. The answer is simple. Every man would begin to determine what was right in their own eyes and the people in the highest places would create new laws that would ultimately bring death, bondage and injustice for all.

In the same way, the enemy knows that in order to destroy God’s people, all that he needs to do is to destroy the founding “Constitution” of God…His Law. If he could convince the people that His Law, ordinances and commandments that He intended for Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness were no longer relevant for today, that the people would fall into bondage by creating their own laws. The enemy has crafted and executed his plan perfectly as he has convinced mankind that the Law of God is no longer relevant for today. He has even convinced us that it was God’s idea to get rid of it!

Has the Law of God really been abolished? Has it really been nailed to the cross as we have been told? Have the instructions for life and the definition of sin been truly done away with? Or, was the power of sin and the curse that was placed on us because we broke it what was nailed to the cross so that we could be free from the condemnation?

This very in-depth DVD series goes from cover to cover in a very step-by-step approach to finally answer this question once and for all. We will first dive into a comprehensive study on what the definition of sin is. Then we will journey through all the major covenants of the scriptures finally answering what the New Covenant actually is. Lastly, a considerable amount of time is spent going through virtually every single verse in the NT that has been misunderstood concerning this very topic. By the end of this series, the veil will be lifted, the enemy’s plan foiled, and we will finally see clearly “Grounds for High Treason.”

Length: 95 minutes

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