The Last Daze – Part 7 – 119 Ministries

by on October 23, 2012

Confusion is a tactic of the enemy that has been successfully used over the centuries of time which has left many followers of Yeshua in a state of apathy regarding His second coming. As the time of His return draws closer, we should not be surprised at the increasing lines of division that are being drawn amongst many regarding this topic. However, the real lines of separation will be made when the ultimate Deuteronomy 13 test is placed before the Body of Messiah regarding the deception of the anti-christ. It will be then that we truly see who is effected by the… last daze.

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2 comments on “The Last Daze – Part 7 – 119 Ministries

  1. should we even call ourselves christians? as this was not His name?? this has been heavy on we know that this name is a nickname and not a hebrew name? I have not been calling Him this but Yahshua..Interested to know what you think?

    • My personal take on that is to simply stop worrying about what to call yourself and focus on what you’re called to do – follow Messiah, obey Torah, and love our Creator. When people ask me, I just say we’re Torah observants followers of Yeshua.

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