The Messiah – Prophecy Fulfilled

by on January 01, 2013

This Is An AWESOME Movie That Shows The Foreshdowing From The Old Testament Of Jesus Christ Which Was Revealed In In The New, Rabbi Juda In This Movie At The Time Was One Of 500 Witnesses That Witnessed The Resurrection Of Christ Jesus, And This Movie Shows The Passover As A Prophecy Fulfilled Through Jesus Christ.

One comment on “The Messiah – Prophecy Fulfilled

  1. Powerful. I like your use of Messiah’s true name, Yeshua, and much of what you show here, a very good presentation. The Pesach Seder was shown very well. I like in particular how you connect the scripture for the New Testament being Torah written in the heart of Israel and Y’hudah. Good use of scripture through. Good ending with Hatikvah. Now if you could do it in Spanish…

    My only other comment is I wish the man’s beards would be bushier and longer (and show all Jews with beards) and that they would not wear the round kippa like coverings that were not worn by Jews till about 1000 years ago. Thanks for the presentation!

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