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In Jerusalem’s orthodox neighborhoods, it’s Succoth, seven days celebrating life’s essentials in a sukkot, a temporary shack of both deprivation and hospitality. A devout couple, Moshe and Mali, married nearly five years and childless, are broke and praying for a miracle. Suddenly, miracles abound: a friend finds Moshe a sukkot he says is abandoned, Moshe is the beneficiary of local charitable fundraising, and two escaped convicts arrive on Moshe and Mali’s doorstep in time to be their ushpizin – their guests. The miracles then become trials. Rabbinical advice, absolution, an effort to avoid anger, and a 1000-shekel citron figure in Moshe’s dark night of the soul.

2 comments on “Ushpizin

  1. Richard John on said:

    Shalom. I am Richard. I am from the other side of the planet in the Caribbean. I must say how much I enjoyed this movie. It is not very often I see a clean, family type movie as this, and I thank you for it.
    I am not Jewish but I have visited Israel i 2013.
    My respects to the Jewish brothers.
    Boker tov.

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