Vatican Disclosure – Steve Quayle & Tom Horn

by on February 11, 2013

Why the Vatican’s Keen Interest in Deep Space Exploration and WHY their employment of the “Lucifer Device”? Are “The Aliens” the saviours of Humankind? What is the Alien Gospel? Is The Vatican easing Humanity toward Alien Disclosure?

Fascinating Research and Review of some of the most challenging questions confronting Humanity in 2013, with the two most brilliant minds in this arena of endeavor.

Petrus Romanus, Final Pope, ET, Prophecy, Disclosure, Jesuit Deception
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One comment on “Vatican Disclosure – Steve Quayle & Tom Horn

  1. This is the INFORMATION that should be on Mainstream Media. There is NO WAY anyone could dispute the validity of the Holy Bible and the Great Story of Our Savior Jesus. To the right of Israel the people write from right to left To the left of Israel the people write from left to right. IT ALL POINTS TO ISRAEL. Some people will never wake up, they are goats.

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