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by on April 18, 2014

This question comes up a lot and is worthy of study. There are very few things I’m totally 100% sure about incuding this but let me share with you why I have come to conclusion I have on this topic. However you come down on this issue, we can enjoy the discussion because after all, we all love to discuss the Father’s Word and search for meaning within. Blessings!


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  1. Tony Peacock on said:

    Do you believe the Passover is the evening of the 14th, and the night to be much observed (first day of unleavened bread) is the evening of the 15th?

    • Jason Nave on said:

      Shalom Tony, Not to speak on behalf of Zack here but from my understanding, Passover is an event that takes place between the evenings(3 o’clock) of the 14th. Just past High Noon as the sun begins its decent is referred to as (the first) evening and then (the second) evening of course is the setting of the sun below the horizon(roughly 6 o’clock). So between the two is somewhere around 3,the middle of the afternoon. As the sun is setting on the 14th the 15th is beginning and so starts the High Sabbath, Unleavened Bread. So the Passover is being eaten with the Matzah on the 15th, beginning the 7 day Feast. To fulfill this prophecy Yeshua(the Passover Lamb) would have been crucified on the tree the afternoon of the 14th and placed in the tomb all before sunset which then would begin the High Sabbath of Unleavened Bread.
      Hope this helps, Blessings.

  2. Linda on said:

    Thank you for sharing your discovery! I’ve struggled with the idea that Yeshua was partaking of Passover in the gospel stories but have often heard that it wasn’t unusual for Israelis to observer Feast Days twice in a row. Those at a distance from the temple would not be aware of the actual new moon until they received a signal. But with this answer it seemed to me, if YESHUA became aware of the New Moon while at a distance from Jerusalem they would have been observing the feast on the 2nd day rather than a day before. Your observations have helped clarify the event for me. Shalom

  3. Tim Astleford on said:

    I jusr listened to the clip about – Was the Last Supper a Passover meal?
    If you go to the Hebrew edition of Matthew, it will become ultra clear that indeed it was NOT a Passover meal.

    I will ask also if anyone can give me Scriptural proof that the Passover meal was to be eaten on the 15th of the month at even? All that I am able to find is that the Passover meal was to be eaten “that night” on the 14th of Abib. Thanks. Tim

  4. Joseph Bigham on said:

    Matt. 22:17-26
    Mark 14:12-18
    Luke 22:7-20
    Please tell me how these Gospel writers specifically said that it was a Passover meal and in Mark they even killed the Passover lamb, how the four points that you made outweigh the specific words of the writers. Your points are on the fact that there’s no way that they would do these things if it was a Passover. My point is that the writer specifically said that it was! Can you help elaborate on how this is not a Passover meal considering the disciples believed that it was. John excluded! John does not say that it was a Passover meal. Thanks brother!

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