“What is True Faith?” Unlocking the Kingdom in Your Life – Part 1 of 2 – Jim Staley

by on December 27, 2012

Ulocking the Kingdom in Your Life This is one of THE MOST important and pivitol messages the Ruach has ever brought to PFT. If you are tired of struggling, tired of feeling like you will never be what Yahweh has called you to be, tired of having relationship problems, tired of having financial problems, or just plain tired, then YOU need to hear this message! Everything that happens in the Universe is regulated and operated by law and a legal structure. The enemy, as the god of this world, has been given the legal right to rule this world by his system until the Messiah comes back. In this message, Jim explains that YHVH has no legal right to work in this earth realm without the “invitation” by man. And that invitation is “Faith”! When faith is unleashed from the Hebraic perspective, it legally allows the Father to work in your life and releases all the blessings that you have already been given in Messiah! Learn how to break free from the earth cursed system through this message. STOP TOILING AND STRIVING and unlock what He says is already yours! This is a long message, but your life changing moment is worth every minute!